Scary Movies: Creature from the Black Lagoon

We watched this movie during our Halloween film series last year. The kids liked it a lot, and I found it entertaining if cheesy.

I believe I’ve read that the special effects in this movie were innovative, as it was the first time movie scenes had ever been filmed underwater, using cutting-edge camera technology. If it’s true, however, Wikipedia doesn’t mention anything about it. In any case, the underwater shots are pretty amazing–it’s the creature’s suit that appears dated, although not fatally so.

The movie follows a team of American anthropologists and their Brazilian crew as they explore a remote Amazon lagoon where a previous team disappeared after a major fossil discovery–a well-preserved specimen of an ancient amphibian man. Unfortunately, the species turns out not to be extinct! A more detailed explanation of the plot is hardly necessary, as it exists mostly as an excuse to show off the creature’s costume and actress Julia Adams in her bathing suit.

Story/Plot/Characters–Acting is wooden, characters do a lot of stupid things because it moves the plot forward rather than out of believable motivation. Drags in parts. (1 point)
Special Effects–Allegedly the first movies to do underwater filming. The Creature’s costume is rather laughable today but credible compared to other movies from the period. (1.5 points)
Scariness–Not really. (0 points)
Atmosphere/Freakiness–Some sense of isolation as the team finds themselves trapped in a remote Amazon upriver area. (1 point)
Total=3.5 points

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