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Scary Movies: Five Nights at Freddy’s

This one looked terrible to me in the previews, but my son really wanted to see it, so off to the movie theater we went. A movie based on a video game franchise isn’t exactly a recipe for quality. Moreover, this is a horror… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Five Nights at Freddy’s”

Scary Movies: The Thing From Another World

After reviewing both versions of the Fly in the past couple weeks, and finding both the 1950s and 1980s versions to have a lot of merit on their own terms, now we come to another later-remade movie I was hopeful about. After all, I’ve… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Thing From Another World”

Scary Movies: The Fly

This 1986 movie, directed by David Cronenberg, takes the premise of the 1950s version of The Fly, which I reviewed last week, but uses it as a springboard for a very different type of movie. In the 1950s version, the emphasis is much more… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Fly”

Scary Movies: The Fly

I wrote in my review of The Haunting about, how after seeing so many 1950s B-grade horror movies, what a pleasure it is to see a movie from this era by a major studio–here, 20th Century Fox. The Fly boasted a bigger budget and… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Fly”

Scary Movies: Get Out

I’ve been wanting to see this one for a while, and so it becomes the inaugural movie of the 2023 horror season! The movie is Get Out, the first film directed by Jordan Peele, whom I previously knew from his work in sketch comedy… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Get Out”

What I’m Reading: Locksmith at the End of the World

High Concept refers to a book or movie plot that can be easily described with one phrase. In Locksmith at the End of the World, a novella by Angela Glascock, that phrase is “zombie apocalypse from a dog’s point of view.” The first line… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Locksmith at the End of the World”

Scary Movies: Son of Frankenstein

Since I had reviewed so many Bela Lugosi films lately, I thought I would tackle the time he appeared with Boris Karloff in a Frankenstein film, and got the better of him. I mean, sure Frankenstein’s monster is in this, but it’s Lugosi who… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Son of Frankenstein”

Scary Movies: M3GAN

My kids wanted to see this movie this past weekend, so I went into the theater with low expectations. From the previews, I expected M3GAN to be a schlocky B-movie, along the lines of the Chucky franchise. In fact, it turned out to be… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: M3GAN”