About the Author

Hanging at my brother’s house!

Nick has been writing books since the age of eight, when he wrote his first novel on notebook paper, providing illustrations himself with magic marker. His brain was always full of unusual characters speaking to him about their exotic adventures. After college, he put away childish things like writing and took a corporate job that paid well and provided benefits. Unfortunately, he noticed that the characters and adventures in his head started disappearing. It was getting lonely in Nick’s head!

So he started writing again. Gradually, the characters came back, telling him about their new adventures. Now he writes books about people with big dreams–whether its Dani and her dream of being a blues guitarist in The Ballad of Dani and Eli; Alva and his dream of designing the next important invention in The Love Machine; or J.T. and Rache and their dream of bringing powerful lawbreakers to justice in Jesus Bugs.

Nick lives in Fairfax, Virginia, with his librarian wife, Lee, sixteen-year old son, twelve-year old daughter, and three cats. He enjoys running, weightlifting, languages, chess, playing the bass guitar badly, and zymurgy. He spends any proceeds from his novels on vintage comic books and jazz albums if he’s able to get hold of the money before his wife can intercept it and put it in the kids’ college funds.

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