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Time Enough at Last (Season 1, All Alone, Nuclear War)=7 points
It’s a Good Life (Season 3, Creepy Kids, Mind Powers)=7 points
Eye of the Beholder (Season 2, Other)=7 points
The Silence (Season 2, Other)=6.5 points
Long Distance Call (Season 2, Children in Danger, Creepy Kids, Telephones)=6.5 points
Third From the Sun (Season 1, Nuclear War)=6.5 points
Escape Clause (Season 1, Other)=6.5 points
Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? (Season 2, Aliens)=6.5 points
Living Doll (Season 5, Dolls)=6.5 points
Twenty-Two (Season 2, Dreams)=6.5 points
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (Season 5, Airplanes)=6.5 points
Shadow Play (Season 2, Dreams, Execution)=6.5 points
What You Need (Season 1, Predictions)=6.5 points
Long Live Walter Jameson (Season 1, Cheating Death)=6.5 points
The Hitchhiker (Season 1, Cars, Death Personified)=6.5 points
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (Season 1, Aliens, Suburbia)=6.5 points

Pretty Good
The After Hours (Season 1, Dolls)=6 points
Back There (Season 2, Time Travel)=6 points
(NEW!) A Piano in the House (Season 3, Machines & Devices)=6 points
The Mirror (Season 3, Predictions)=6 points
Mute (Season 4, Mind Powers)=6 points
The Little People (Season 3, Aliens, Distant Outpost)=6 points
Nothing in the Dark (Season 3, All Alone, Death Personified)=6 points
The Shelter (Season 3, Nuclear War, Suburbia)=6 points
Five Characters in Search of an Exit (Season 3, Dolls)=6 points
Where is Everybody? (Season 1, All Alone)=6 points
On Thursday We Leave For Home (Season 4, Distant Outpost)=5.5 points
One More Pallbearer (Season 3, Nuclear War)=5.5 points
Perchance to Dream (Season 1, Dreams)=5.5 points
Mirror Image (Season 1, Other)=5.5 points
(NEW!) Night Call (Season 5, Telephones)=5.5 points
Changing of the Guard (Season 3, Christmas, School)=5.5 points
A World of His Own (Season 1, Mind Powers)=5.5 points
The Invaders (Season 2, Aliens)=5.5 points
The Big Tall Wish (Season 1, Mind Powers, Sports)=5.5 points
The Long Morrow (Season 5, All Alone)=5.5 points
Once Upon a Time (Season 3, Time Travel)=5.5 points
Dead Man’s Shoes (Season 3, Cheating Death, Gangsters)=5.5 points
The Last Flight (Season 1, Airplanes, Time Travel)=5.5 points
Queen of the Nile (Season 5, Cheating Death)=5.5 points
A Penny for Your Thoughts (Season 2, Mind Powers)=5.5 points

Nick of Time (Season 2, Predictions)=5 points
Little Girl Lost (Season 3, Children in Danger)=5 points
A Stop at Willoughby (Season 1, Dreams)=5 points
No Time Like the Past (Season 4, Time Travel)=5 points
A Nice Place to Visit (Season 1, Afterlife, Gangsters, Guardian Angel)=5 points
The Old Man in the Cave (Season 5, Machines & Devices, Nuclear War)=5 points
The Whole Truth (Season 2, Cars)=5 points
Nervous Man in a Four-Dollar Room (Season 2, Gangsters)=5 points
Ring-a-Ding Girl (Season 5, Predictions)=5 points
The Prime Mover
(Season 2, Gambling, Mind Powers)=5 points

I Sing the Body Electric (Season 3, Robots)=4.5 points
The Encounter (Season 5, Robots)=4.5 points
To Serve Man (Season 3, Aliens)=4.5 points
The Odyssey of Flight 33 (Season 2, Airplanes, Time Travel)=4.5 points
King Nine Will Not Return
(Season 2, Airplanes, All Alone, Dreams)=4.5 points
The Lonely
(Season 1, Distant Outpost, Robots)=4 points
You Drive (Season 5, Machines & Devices)=4 points
Night of the Meek (Season 2, Christmas)=4 points
A Hundred Yards Over the Rim (Season 2, Time Travel, Western)=4 points

Probe 7, Over and Out (Season 5, Distant Outpost)=3.5 points
Midnight Sun (Season 3, Other)=3.5 points
What’s In the Box (Season 5, Machines & Devices, Predictions)=3.5 points
Ninety Years Without Slumbering (Season 5, Machines & Devices)=3.5 points
The Dummy (Season 3, Dolls)=3.5 points
The Fugitive (Season 3, Aliens)=3.0 points
I Dream of Genie (Season 4, Other)= 3.0 points
The Trouble With Templeton (Season 2, Time Travel)= 3.0 points
Come Wander With Me
(Season 5, Other)=3.0 points
Dust (Season 2, Western, Execution)=2.5 points
A Kind of Stopwatch (Season 5, Machines & Devices)=2.5 points
The Mighty Casey (Season 1, Robots, Sports)=2.5 points
A World of Difference (Season 1, Other)=2.5 points
A Thing About Machines
(Season 2, Machines & Devices)=2 points
(NEW!) Showdown with Rance McGrew (Season 3, Western)=2 points
Mr. Bevis
(Season 1, Guardian Angel)=2 points

The Mind and the Matter (Season 2, All Alone, Mind Powers)=1.5 points
Fever (Season 1, Gambling, Machines & Devices)=1 point
I Am The Night–Color Me Black (Season 5, Western, Execution)=.5 points

Analysis Post, September 2021

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