Jesus Bugs

An easy read with a Tom Sawyer like adventure. The ending was dark and totally unexpected, and it’s rare that an author surprises me that way.

Amazon Review

It’s like Tom Sawyer on steroids.

Amazon Review

What do you do when everyone around you is keeping dark secrets and only you know the truth?

Finding Big Joe dead is just the start of J.T.’s nightmare. Inside a pouch J.T. found in Big Joe’s house are photos of the town’s leading citizens caught in dirty deeds… perhaps they’re the reason Big Joe wound up dead? When the Sheriff responding to the call shoots Big Joe’s dogs, J.T. makes a snap decision that’ll change everything.

Now, J.T. and his cousin and best friend Rache—the smartest, fastest, and cussingest girl in fifth grade—make a break for it, fleeing the hometown they’ve always known on a canoe trip down the river. They hope to get the photos to someone who can help them expose the crooked sheriff and corrupt elite, searching for help among the people, friendly or sinister, living along the water’s edge. But the bad guys will do anything to cover their tracks and save themselves…even if it means hunting down and killing a couple kids who know too much for their own good.

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