The Love Machine

One of those stories you know from page one is going to go in all sorts of wild, weird, and wrong but funny directions. A unique, humorous, and unexpected take on high school dating and relationships.

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So funny and also a super timely theme. Emphasizes respect and consent in a crazy adolescent dating world but isn’t preachy.

Amazon Review

All a sixteen-year-old up-and-coming rockstar needs is a Love Machine—and Alva’s invented one.

Alva’s a genius sixteen-year-old inventor and a wannabe rockstar. He’s invented a Love Machine, but he’s about to learn the cost of using it might be higher than he ever imagined.

The Love Machine: So simple it could be included in a cringe infomercial. All someone has to do is hold a button on the device near someone’s left ear for sixty seconds. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. In return, the target falls in love with the user for one day.

But when Alva loans the Love Machine to his fellow band-mates, their dates go off the rails. One friend even winds up humiliated and beat up.

Can the boys in the band use their power for good? Or will the Love Machine ruin every relationship they try it on? And what happens if the guys have a falling out? Between being rockstars, unlucky in love, and making messes in their relationships, they might just discover a Love Machine causes more problems than it fixes. But can they fix what they break before ruining lives forever?

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