Mother Ink

Next time a crow leads Lono away from the Observatory, she’ll know better than to follow…

Seventeen-year-old Lono wants nothing more than to become a Sister at the Observatory. After all, she’s been an acolyte her whole life—she doesn’t know anything else. But on the day of the ascension ceremony, a disturbing vision changes everything. She winds up outside the safety of the Observatory walls where a crow leads her to a boy in need of help.

The boy, Aku, is on a mission to deliver a mysterious key to a man in the city of Atlantis.

Worried he won’t make it on his own and her efforts to save him will be in vain, she joins Aku. Along the way, a disgraced scribe hiding dark secrets and a reptilian biped trying to get home join them. This misfit group has no idea what’s in store when they arrive at the city, but the dark, ominous clouds should be an indication they are walking into their doom…

Lono never expected to face the ultimate evil in a fight to save a city—will she make it out alive, let alone make it home?

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