What I’m Reading: Myth and Storm

Myth and Storm is the second book in the Guilds of Ilbrea series by Megan O’Russell. I read the first one, Inker and Crown, a couple months ago and liked it enough to return for the second volume. If you recall, the book was about the Karron clan, six natural and adopted children of Lord…

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Scary Movies: Son of Frankenstein

Since I had reviewed so many Bela Lugosi films lately, I thought I would tackle the time he appeared with Boris Karloff in a Frankenstein film, and got the better of him. I mean, sure Frankenstein’s monster is in this, but it’s Lugosi who steals the show with his portrayal of Igor. By the way,…

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What I’m Reading: Bottom of the Ninth: Branch Rickey, Casey Stengel, and the Daring Scheme to Save Baseball from Itself

Bottom of the Ninth, by Michael Shapiro, is about ex-Pirates/Cardinals/Dodgers manager Branch Rickey and his plan, starting in 1958, to create a new major league to compete with the existing National and Americal Leagues. HIs partner in this effort was New York attorney Bill Shea, who had decided that after the departure of the Giants…

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Daughter Cloud Out Now!

Fourteen-year-old Aku is learning the hard truth about being a king… When he must send off a ship called the Cloud Strider, newly-enthroned king Aku wishes he could join the crew. After all, they’re bound to experience an unparalleled adventure. The vessel of discovery and ambassadorship is a symbol of how his rule will be…

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What I’m Reading: Guardian Forest

Are you tired of generic fantasy? Well, here’s a book that feels personal, a true expression of the author’s individual vision. The Guardian Forest, by Sandra Hunter, is a bit rough around the edges. To be honest, it could have used a pass by a good editor (or a writer’s group!). But despite that, the…

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What I’m Reading: Inker and Crown

If you like my Last Days of Atlantis series, I think it’s a good bet you’ll like Inker and Crown, by Megan O’Russell. They’re both multi-character-arc epic fantasies with a flawed scribe as a main character. And they both have multiple related organizations that dominate the political structure of their worlds–the twelve temples of Atlantis,…

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What I’m Reading: Markos

Markos is better known as the Gospel of Mark, but in Sarah Ruden’s new translation of the Gospels, she hews more closely to the original Greek than most versions. Hence, Mark becomes Markos, Matthew becomes Maththaios, Luke becomes Loukas, John becomes Iohannes, and Jesus becomes Iesous. Similar things happen with most names and even whole…

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What I’m Reading: The Giants’ Spear

The Giants’ Spear is the final book in Jamie Edmundson’s Weapon Takers Saga, and all the various story arcs come to their final conclusion here. (I also reviewed the first book in the series, Toric’s Dagger; the second book, Bolivar’s Sword; and, the third book, The Jalakh Bow.) This series has multiple storylines, so let’s…

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Ranking the Twilight Zone

I’m engaged in a project with my twelve-year old daughter to watch every single Twilight Zone episode and rank them. We watch and run them through a rubric to give them a score from 0 to 7. The episodes are graded in three categories: Concept/Plot/Characters (4 points), Tone (1 point), and The Twist (2 points).…

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