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What I’m Reading: Goya

Goya, by Robert Hughes, is a big, thick, beautifully-written account of Francisco Goya’s life, with a lavishly generous selection of many dozens of Goya’s paintings and etchings included.  I first picked it up at a book sale, amazed that such a gorgeous art book… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Goya”

What I’m Reading: Song of the Vikings

Song of the Vikings, by Nancy Marie Brown, gives us the story of Snorri Sturluson, a wealthy and powerful Icelandic landowner of the early 1200s who at one point was as close as Iceland ever got to a native king.  He lived a full and… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Song of the Vikings”

What I’m Reading: City of Scoundrels

City of Scoundrels by Gary Krist is historical non-fiction covering the story of a particularly horrific week-and-a-half in the history of Chicago, specifically, July 21st to July 31st 1919.  The experimental flight of an airship kicked the eleven days off when it caught fire above… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: City of Scoundrels”

What I’m Reading: The Life of Samuel Johnson

There’s little I can say about James Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson that hasn’t been said before, and better.  Thus, I won’t attempt a real review, but I’ll just put down some of my observations.  It is simply the best biography and one of the most entertaining books in the… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: The Life of Samuel Johnson”