What’s this all about?

The essential purpose of this blog will be to operate as the online base for information about my manuscript (and hopefully someday, book) The Ballad of Dani and Eli.  Information about the book that may interest agents, readers, friends, and relatives will be found here.

But it will also be a place where I can put down my thoughts, such as they are, on writing, reading, the creative process, and related topics.

I don’t have any particular models in mind, but I will say there are a couple author blogs I particularly admire.  Though I’ve never read any of her Regency romances (or anybody else’s, for that matter), but I find Joanna Bourne’s blog to be a great source of information on writing.  Kameron Hurley’s blog has also been a source of inspiration for me in my writing, especially a post she once wrote on keeping your writing weird.

My hope is some of the things I write here will be one-tenth as good as what Joanna and Kameron post on a regular basis!

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