Thank God Almighty, I’m Done at Last

Tonight I finished the first draft of my latest novel.  It came in just short of 45,000 words (and after edits will probably land at closer to 46,000), which I think is about right for an upper-middle grade novel.  In a macro sense, I think finishing it now really shows how much better I’m getting as a writer.

First novel: Took 24 months, had some good scenes but frankly, was terrible overall.

Second novel: Took 18 months, both I and my writing group, the Writers of Chantilly, judged it to be pretty good, I think, but no interest from agents.

Third novel (this one): 14 months, at least for the first draft.  It may take another 4-6 weeks for revisions, but honestly, I don’t think it needs that much more work.  For one thing, I’ve already read the first two-thirds or so to the group, and I always do my best to get each chapter in good shape before I read it to them.  So, I need to give the final one-third a hard revision, make a few adjustments to the early chapters to account for unforeseen developments later in the book, and give it all a final go-over with 400-grit sandpaper.  Final time elapsed will probably be 16 months.

So, I’m getting faster, more confident, and hopefully better.  I have a good feeling about this book’s prospects for interest from agents, publishers, etc.  I think the hook for this one is clear, the characters well-drawn, the pace is quick.  I just hope the professional publishing world agrees!

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