My 2014 Writing Resolutions

Okay, obviously I’m a little bit behind.  Well, I did actually write these on 1 January, I just haven’t gotten around to posting them until now.

1) Maintain blog.  Hmm, I seem to have fallen a little bit behind on this.  This post is a good start, though!

2A) Finish reading current novel at the bi-weekly Writers of Chantilly meetings.  I’m on my way, I read a chapter per session and I have four left, I think.  So about two months.

2B) Find a beta reader for current novel.  Not sure if I really need to do this or not, but I do have someone in mind.

2C) Finish all edits on current novel.  This will come a little later in the process

2D) Send to agents, possibly by April 2014.  That’s an ambitious target, we’ll see.

3) Finish short story for Writers of Chantilly “Unfinished Business” anthology.  COMPLETE!

4) Read (and blog on, and comment on Amazon) a recent book by all other Writers of Chantilly members who have recently published.  I’m reading one now, Red Flag Warning, by Melanie Florence.  Of course I’ll review it here when I’m done.  Not sure if I actually can get to everybody this year, but I intend to hit as many as I can.

5) Decide on next long project.  A sequel to my current novel, or something else?

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