Reading Goals for 2015

OK, we’ve done the writing goals in 2015, let’s do the reading goals as well.

I’ve discussed before that in any given year, I have some general reading goals:
1) a baseball book, during baseball season (in 2014, this was a memoir by Reggie Jackson)
2) a Biblical or religious reading, during Lent (NO! I didn’t get to this goal in 2014)
3) at least one historical book (in 2014, this was a biography of Goya)
4) at least one work of “real” literature (in 2014 this was Moby Dick and the Epic of Gilgamesh)
5) at least 2-3 YA novels (yes, various)

This year, I already know that for my Lenten reading, I would like to read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

For a historical book, I am currently reading The Race Underground, an account of the competition that developed between Boston and New York to build America’s first subway at the end of the 19th century.

For my “real” literature book, I’m not sure if this counts, but for many years I’ve wanted to read T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Again, I’m not sure if this is quite literature, but this might be what I put in the category in 2015.

Not sure of the baseball book, and for the YA novels, I’ll pick some up as I spot them, or as my wife recommends one to me.

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