Place Names in Rock Lyrics: Girls, Girls, Girls

We’ve previously done Sweet Little SixteenDancing in the StreetsNight TrainRock’n Me, and Pop Muzik, so tonight let’s get classy and do some Motley Crue! The song is Girls, Girls, Girls and was a biggish hit for the Crue in 1987. It’s basically a tour of their favorite strip clubs in various cities.

I might add this song has a personal connection for me because when I was in the 9th grade, I took a tennis class at my school for my P.E. requirement. A buddy of mine and I played every day with some seniors on the farthest court, and one of the seniors would park his Jeep just outside the tennis court and open the doors, blasting this album on his stereo while we played. The coach mainly stuck to the other set of courts closer to school with kids from the tennis team, and didn’t seem to care too much what we got up to. It was great.

Here’s the first verse. It doesn’t actually have any cities, I just wanted to note that it’s a clear allusion to (is that too fancy a word for the Crue? How about “They ripped it off from”) Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fightin’.”

Friday night and I need a fight
My motorcycle and a switchblade knife
Handful of grease in my hair feels right
But what I need to make me tight are

And the chorus:
Girls, Girls, Girls
Long legs and burgundy lips
Dancin’ down on Sunset Strip
Red lips, fingertips
The second chorus gets into the cities. Note the Seventh Veil is in Los Angeles (according to Wikipedia, not my personal knowledge!).

Girls, Girls, Girls
At the Dollhouse in Ft. Lauderdale
Girls, Girls. Girls
Rocking in Atlanta at Tattletails
Girls, Girls, Girls
Raising Hell at the 7th Veil

The third verse and chorus have more cities. The Body Shop and Tropicana are apparently also in Los Angeles, and the Marble Arch in Vancouver.
Crazy Horse, Paris, France
Forget the names, remember romance
I got the photos, a menage a trois
Musta broke those Frenchies laws with those

Girls, Girls. Girls
Body Shop. Marble Arch
Girls, Girls, Girls
Tropicana’s where I lost my heart

Okay, so the cities we have this time are
Ft. Lauderdale
Los Angeles
Vancouver (admittedly a stretch since it’s not named explicitly in the song, but I’ll count it)

And here’s our master list as it currently stands:
Notes: The biggest cities we haven’t heard from yet, as least in the United States, are Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, and Seattle.
Atlanta x3
Baltimore x2
(northern) California
Ft. Lauderdale
Los Angeles x3
New Orleans x3
New York City x3
Paris x2
Philadelphia x4
San Francisco
St. Louis
(heart of) Texas
Washington, DC x2

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