Place Names in Rock Lyrics: Everywhere That I’m Not

For this feature we’ve previously done Sweet Little SixteenDancing in the StreetsNight TrainRock’n MePop MuzikGirls, Girls, GirlsFire Down Below, and Truckin’.

Tonight’s song is a fairly obscure New Wave song from 1982 by the San Francisco band Translator. According to Wikipedia, this song was a hit on college radio stations at the time but failed to appear on the main US chart. I know it due to its inclusion on one of my numerous 80’s New Wave compilation discs. It’s quite a catchy tune, and adds a big international city to our list. I’ll give you the whole first verse and chorus:

I thought I saw you, out on the avenue
But I guess it was just someone
Who looked a lot like, I remember you do
‘Cause I thought I heard your voice

In a bar making a choice
But, no, it was just someone
Who sounded a lot like I remember you do

‘Cause that’s impossible, that’s im
That’s impossible, that’s imposs
That’s impossible, that’s impossible

‘Cause you’re in New York but I’m not
You’re in Tokyo but I’m not
You’re in Nova Scotia but I’m not

Yeah, you’re everywhere that I’m not
Yeah, you’re everywhere that I’m not
I’m not, I’m not, I’m not

And the cities we can add to our list this time out are
New York
Nova Scotia (yes, I know this is a province and not a city)

And here’s our master list as it currently stands:
Notes: The cities that have been mentioned most often are New Orleans, New York, and Philadelphia. The biggest cities we haven’t heard from yet, at least in the United States, are Cleveland, Kansas City, and Seattle.
Atlanta x3
Baltimore x2
(northern) California
Chicago x2
Detroit x2
Ft. Lauderdale
Las Vegas
Los Angeles x3
New Orleans x4
New York City x5
Nova Scotia
Paris x2
Philadelphia x4
San Francisco
St. Louis
(heart of) Texas
Washington, DC x2

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