Last Days of Atlantis: Special Announcement and Status Update

I’m proud to announce the upcoming publication of my new epic fantasy trilogy

The Last Days of Atlantis!

I’ve been at work on the trilogy since the beginning of COVID, and am now on the rough draft of the third book. It’s by far the longest, most-involved writing project I’ve ever taken on. We’re fast approaching the time when the first book will come out, hopefully this summer. The title of the first one is Mother Ink and you can read about it here.

Now that the books are so close to appearing, I want to start tracking for readers where I am on each one.

Plus, I get to use the nifty new plug-in I discovered that creates little progress bars to show how far along you are on your projects. Check it out below!

Book 1: Mother Ink
Rough draft (93,200 words)
Beta reads
Book 2: Not ready to tell yet!
Rough draft (94,000 words)
Beta reads
Book 3: Mystery! TBA later!
Rough draft (goal: 100,000 words)

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