Daughter Cloud Out Now!

Fourteen-year-old Aku is learning the hard truth about being a king…

When he must send off a ship called the Cloud Strider, newly-enthroned king Aku wishes he could join the crew. After all, they’re bound to experience an unparalleled adventure. The vessel of discovery and ambassadorship is a symbol of how his rule will be good and just.

The legendary island of the gods is on the itinerary, but what will the great ship discover?

Among the crew are old friends Tua and Keola, Kahu, and by a stroke of fate, Ambassador Hulu, Lady Lono, and baby Mili. The king waves his ship goodbye, and plans a celebratory rite, but disaster is about to strike. A disaster that will leave the whole kingdom reeling in shock, and that Aku will have to face without the aid of his closest companions. Will Atlantis recover from the devastation? Or will this event lead to the downfall of everything Aku has worked so hard for?

Read Daughter Cloud, book three in The Last Days of Atlantis trilogy, now!

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