A Far Ocean’s Tale and Other Stories Out Now!

In the final days of Atlantis, a ray must flee certain death—Find out what happens in this fantastic collection of stories that’ll keep you reading all night!

Packed with Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror, these short stories will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Far Ocean’s Tale: Accused in the death of a ray, Gray-Patch, a telepathic ray, must flee for her life. Her travels through dangerous seas toward the city of the rays will end in disaster. Can she survive against all odds?

Mountain Man reveals medieval miners learning a horrific truth about the nature of the mountain they’re mining.

La Jolla Ballroom uncovers a man’s journey back to 1930’s California and he falls in love with the time… before discovering just how dangerous that period truly was.

Filled with captivatingly exciting world-building, interesting concepts that stand the test of time, and thought-provoking scenarios, these ten stories are a must-read for fantasy, sci-fi, and horror readers.

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