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Query letter

So I did some editing on the hook for my query letter.  The old one wasn’t inaccurate, exactly, but I think in tone it conveyed Dani as being something of a Bad Girl, and the plot as being a little grimmer than what it really is. Here’s… Continue Reading “Query letter”

Musical inspiration

I find a lot of inspiration for my writing in song lyrics.  I don’t listen while I’m writing–music is way too much of a distraction!  But lyrical fragments will get in my head and stay there for years, and eventually have an impact on what… Continue Reading “Musical inspiration”

Ballad hook

Today I started sending out my manuscript for The Ballad of Dani and Eli to agents.  If I hear any updates on that front, I’ll post it here.  For those who are interested, here’s the hook from my query letter: Fifteen-year old Dani likes… Continue Reading “Ballad hook”