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What I’m Reading: The Old Ball Game

The Old Ball Game, by Frank Deford, is actually a re-read for me. I read it when it first came out in 2005 and remembered it as a delightful and informative book about the New York Giants in the early 1900s, focusing on their… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: The Old Ball Game”

What I’m Reading: My Turn at Bat

My Turn at Bat is the 1969 autobiography of Ted Williams (with writing help from Sports Illustrated writer John Underwood), who as a kid wanted to be the greatest hitter who ever lived, and largely achieved his goal. Notice, he did not want to… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: My Turn at Bat”

What I’m Reading: Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series

Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series is one of the books my son is reading for his Battle of the Books team at school. (I recently read Re-Start, another of the books he’s reading for BoB.) I can see why Virginia picked this one for… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series”

What I’m Reading: A Single Happened Thing

Ack, I’m falling behind! Before I rate some more scary movies, I want to briefly review A Single Happened Thing, by Daniel Paisner. This book follows New York City book publicist David Felb, who has a boring, normal, and kind of disappointing life until… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: A Single Happened Thing”

What I’m Reading: Where They Ain’t

Where They Ain’t, by Burt Solomon, is an excellent look at baseball in the immedate pre-modern era, from 1894 to 1902. It observes this era through the lens of the Baltimore Orioles, who invented a new style of baseball that made them the most… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Where They Ain’t”

What I’m Reading: Game Time: A Baseball Companion

Game Time is a collection of essays by Roger Angell, who covers baseball for The New Yorker magazine. I believe most or all of these essays appeared in that magazine. They range from the very beginning of Angell’s career in the early 1960s to 2002.… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Game Time: A Baseball Companion”

What I’m Reading: Becoming Mr. October

So here’s my baseball book for this year: Becoming Mr. October, by Reggie Jackson.  I saw it on the New Arrivals stand at the library and picked it right up.  Reggie gives us a few chapters on growing up in a small town in… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Becoming Mr. October”

Nick’s annual reading goals

Over the years I’ve established a set of goals, or at least traditions, for my reading.  I try to read a selection from each of the following categories every year: 1) Bible.  During Lent, I try to read daily from the Bible or a… Continue Reading “Nick’s annual reading goals”