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What I’m Reading: Winning Chess Tactics

I reviewed former US chess champion Yasser Seirawan’s Play Winning Chess a couple months ago and found it to be a good book, if a little too basic for my level of experience as a chess player. This book, Winning Chess Tactics, is the next… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Winning Chess Tactics”

What I’m Reading: Play Winning Chess

Play Winning Chess is the first in a seven-book series by former US chess champion Yasser Seirawan and international grand master Jeremy Silman. The series as a whole is highly recommended in a number of chess reviews, and they all agree you should start with… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Play Winning Chess”

What I’m Reading: Logical Chess

I’m in a chess arms race with my son (age 12). I’ve always been able to beat him in chess, but last spring he beat me two out of three games. I knew it was time to upgrade my skills! I started playing chess… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Logical Chess”