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What I’m Reading: A Family of Value

A Family of Value is a practical, hands-on book by John Rosemond on how to raise respectful, resourceful, and responsible children. John Rosemond is a child psychologist who believes that most of the child psychology of the past several decades has been counter-productive, and that… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: A Family of Value”

What I’ve Been Reading: The Wonder of Girls

The Wonder of Girls, by Michael Gurian, is a companion book to one I read a couple years ago, The Wonder of Boys.  The two books attempt to fill a gap in how our society understands the minds and behavior of girls and boys,… Continue Reading “What I’ve Been Reading: The Wonder of Girls”

What I’m Reading: Superparenting for ADD

No, not a comic series, although maybe Superparent would be a good character!  Rather, Drs. Edward Hallowell and Peter Jensen have written a book encouraging parents to focus on the strengths of an ADD (that is, a hyperactive) child.  For those looking for a general… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Superparenting for ADD”

What I’m Reading: The Child Who Never Grew

Pearl Buck’s The Child Who Never Grew is about her daughter, Carol, who suffered from mental retardation–developmental disability, I suppose we’d say today– and Buck’s search for an institution to house her once she reached the age of nine.  It is also concerned with her inability at first to reconcile… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: The Child Who Never Grew”