Again With the Importance of Writing Groups

So I was on vacation last week, and the week before that was just crazy, and maybe the week before that I’d been kind of lazy.  But for whatever reason, I hadn’t written in my WiP for three weeks.  I was really dreading getting back to it, too.  After you haven’t worked on your project for a while, it’s hard to get back into the groove.

But on Monday I went to my Writers of Chantilly meeting, and I came away charged.  Ready to return to my work.  Maybe it was the positive comments I received on my latest chapter.  Maybe it was being around other writers excited about their work.  Maybe it was simply thinking about the writing process.  Whatever the reason, last night I sat down at the computer and made a number of changes to my novel I’ve been meaning to for a while, and got in some actual writing as well.  All in all, a solid night, and I’m still ready to write again tonight.

So here’s another reason we could add to the list of why you, a writer, should definitely be in a writer’s group: getting back on track when you’ve lost your way.

2 Comments on “Again With the Importance of Writing Groups

  1. Absolutely. This might have been the key element to keep me writing when I regularly attended meetings. I set myself a goal of a couple of chapters for each meeting, and I had to have them ready. Wonderful motivation, even if no one expects it but you.

  2. While I'm not writing a novel, being in a writers group does keep me actually writing something and the encouragement there keeps me trying. I now have my own journal with writing prompts to work on at home.

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