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What I’m Reading: Bodies Full of Burning

Hey, it’s a Writers of Chantilly book, sort of! Bodies Full of Burning is a horror anthology, and one of the stories is by WoC writer D. A. Jobe. And I really probably wouldn’t have picked this up if not for that, as the… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Bodies Full of Burning”

What I’m Reading: 84 Paws: A Life with Old Labs

I’ve read another book by a fellow Writers of Chantilly author, this one titled 84 Paws: A Life with Old Labs, by Barbara Travis Osgood. This one is a memoir about Barbara’s life with mental illness, and her life with a series of rescued… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: 84 Paws: A Life with Old Labs”

What I’m Reading: This Is Not a Love Scene

What a treat, a book by my fellow Writers of Chantilly writer, S.C. Megale! This Is Not a Love Scene is Megale’s first published novel, although she’s well known at the writer’s group table for a number of books she’s read to us over… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: This Is Not a Love Scene”

What I’m Reading: Ten-Seven

Ten-Seven is the second Penns River Crime Novel I’ve read by Dana King (I reviewed the first one, Grind Joint, here) and it’s a special pleasure for me to read it not only because Dana is a fellow member of my writer’s group, but because he… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Ten-Seven”

Finished Another One

The Love Machine, my latest novel, is done. Well, at least the not-quite-final draft of it. I finished it this morning, fulfilling my 2017 New Year’s goal of having it done by June. It took about 18 months. Because I’ve been reading each chapter to… Continue Reading “Finished Another One”

Secrets, Lies, & Sighs: New Anthology from the Writers of Chantilly Released!

We all have secrets, parts of our pasts we’d rather keep hidden. Inside the pages of this anthology, you’ll find secrets uncovered. A church confessional come to life, who knows what you’ve really been up to. A happily married woman reflecting on a college… Continue Reading “Secrets, Lies, & Sighs: New Anthology from the Writers of Chantilly Released!”

Recent short story published online

The blog maintained by the Writers of Chantilly recently posted one of my short stories. I actually meant to include the link weeks ago but I kept forgetting… Anyway, here it is now. It’s titled Favor in Thy Sight. I should add the WoC… Continue Reading “Recent short story published online”

The Importance of Writing Groups Redux

I’ve written in the past about the importance for a writer of being in a writers group.  In those posts, I mentioned four reasons to join a writers group: 1) Reading out loud in front of a group makes you try harder when you’re… Continue Reading “The Importance of Writing Groups Redux”