Finished Another One

The Love Machine, my latest novel, is done.

Well, at least the not-quite-final draft of it. I finished it this morning, fulfilling my 2017 New Year’s goal of having it done by June. It took about 18 months.

Because I’ve been reading each chapter to my writers’ group a few weeks after completing them, and then going back and polishing, the book should need very little work further work, I think. I’ll take a week or so off, and then do a final read-through and polish.

My next goals?

1) I have two open short stories. I’ll finish one of them. Should take 7-10 days.

2A) Polish query letter for The Love Machine.
2B) Send The Love Machine  out to agents. Maybe start in a month.

3A) Go back to novel #3, which I need to make one semi-major change to. May take a few weeks for that. Otherwise, I think this one is good to go.
3B) Novel #3 also needs a title! My various working titles (most recently, Out of Place) have not worked for me.

4) Start on novel #5. I have a really killer premise and am ready to start. Maybe after Labor Day.

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