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Scary Movies: Pit and the Pendulum

Pit and the Pendulum is the second in director Roger Corman’s cycle of eight Edgar Allan Poe movies, most starring Vincent Price. Others in the cycle I’ve also reviewed include The Raven, Tales of Terror, and The Tomb of Ligeia. Of the eight, this… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Pit and the Pendulum”

Scary Movies: The Bad Seed

Okay, here’s the review of our final film of this year’s horror movie season: The Bad Seed, from 1956. In keeping with this year’s theme, Creepy Kids, this one features the creepiest kid of all. More plausible than Damien, more murderous than Danny, Rhoda… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Bad Seed”

Scary Movies: Return of the Vampire

As usual, we have a bit of a horror movie overhang now in November, with a couple movie reviews I still need to wrap up. The movie this time is 1943’s Return of the Vampire, starring Bela Lugosi. After an unpromising start, it turned… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Return of the Vampire”

Scary Movies: The Shining

The movie this week is Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, which I haven’t seen since high school and have wanted to see again for a long time. Upon rewatching, I think what makes this such a popular horror movie is how its ambiguities lend themselves… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Shining”

Scary Movies: Sixth Sense

Last time, we did I Bury the Living, which started off great but totally flubbed its ending. Here, with the Sixth Sense, the 1999 film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, we have a movie that stuck the landing as well as any horror movie… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Sixth Sense”

Scary Movies: I Bury the Living

This is one I saw about fifteen years ago and wanted to watch again. It’s amazingly well-made for a low-budget B-movie from the 1950s, but totally wusses out on the ending. This review will have spoilers of this sixty-four year old film, so don’t… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: I Bury the Living”

Scary Movies: The Omen

Woohoo, October again, and that means it’s time for the annual Halloween film festival, when I force my kids to watch scary movies! This year the theme is “Creepy Kids,” and we’re starting off with one of the creepiest, Damien, child star of The… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Omen”

Scary Movies: The Invisible Man

It’s been a while since I’d seen this one, but I remembered it as being one of the better of the 1930s Universal horrors. On a whim, I watched it a few nights ago. Let’s see how it holds up! A strange man wrapped… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Invisible Man”