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Scary Movies: Return of the Vampire

As usual, we have a bit of a horror movie overhang now in November, with a couple movie reviews I still need to wrap up. The movie this time is 1943’s Return of the Vampire, starring Bela Lugosi. After an unpromising start, it turned… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Return of the Vampire”

Scary Movies: Shadow of the Vampire

Okay, this film is a clever one. When the film Nosferatu, which I reviewed last week, came out in 1921, the make-up and scariness of the vampire Count Orlok in the movie was like nothing that had ever been seen in film before. Shadow… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Shadow of the Vampire”

Scary Movies: Nosferatu

Back to our regularly scheduled October slate of horror movies, and this week we have Nosferatu, a German silent film from 1922. It’s a movie I’ve seen three or four times over the years. Nosferatu is closely based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel, though… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Nosferatu”

Scary Movies: The Lost Boys

The movie this week is one I haven’t seen since I was an early teen-ager, and it’s one I’ve been wanting to re-watch it for some time to see how it holds up. And I think it held up pretty well! Even today, it… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Lost Boys”

Scary Movies: Dracula

October already! And as every October, I force my children to watch scary movies with me. This year, the theme is vampires, and our first movie is Dracula, released by Universal in 1931. I hardly feel like I need to describe this one, as… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Dracula”

Scary Movies: The Last Man on Earth

Today I’m rating the 1964 film The Last Man on Earth, starring Vincent Price, and practically nobody else. I say that because Price’s character, Dr. Robert Morgan, is the sole survivor of a sort of apocalypse that has turned everybody else on Earth into… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Last Man on Earth”