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Scary Movies: The Shining

The movie this week is Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, which I haven’t seen since high school and have wanted to see again for a long time. Upon rewatching, I think what makes this such a popular horror movie is how its ambiguities lend themselves… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: The Shining”

Scary Movies: Pet Semetary

I read Stephen King’s Pet Semetary in middle school and thought at the time it was the scariest book I’d ever read. I’m not sure how the book would hold up for me as an adult, but this movie surely did not. Quite a… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Pet Semetary”

Scary Movies: Cat’s Eye

We’re back with the annual horror movie festival at my house, and the theme this year is cats! We started off with Cat’s Eye, a 1985 horror anthology that I remember well because it was filmed on location in my hometown: Wilmington, NC. In… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Cat’s Eye”

Scary Movies: Creepshow

It’s October, and as usual, we’re behind on reviewing our horror movies! Okay, this time, we’re doing Creepshow, a horror-comedy anthology from 1982. Stephen King wrote the script (and acted in one of the segments!) and George Romero directed it, so we’re dealing with… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Creepshow”

Scary Movies: Carrie

Working through a backlog of horror movies we watched this past October, and now we come to a personal favorite of mine, Carrie, directed by Brian De Palma and released in 1976. I haven’t seen it since I was a senior in high school,… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Carrie”