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The Importance of the Next Project

Sometimes I hear about writers who’ve been working on the same novel for years.  To me, that seems counterproductive.  No doubt you should polish your book to as high a sheen as you can, but after you’ve done that, tinkering with it for years… Continue Reading “The Importance of the Next Project”

What I’m Reading: Steven King’s On Writing

This should maybe be titled What I’ve Read, since I finished it a couple days ago: Steven King’s On Writing.  It came to me highly recommended by more than one person, and I found it well-written and entertaining.  Part auto-biography and part how-to guide,… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Steven King’s On Writing”

The Importance of Writing Groups

I’ve been a member of the Writers of Chantilly for about 18 months, and it’s made a tremendous difference to my writing.  Before I joined, I thought the most important thing about being in a writers’ group was the group’s critique of the story.  But now that… Continue Reading “The Importance of Writing Groups”