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Writing Goals for 2015

Here are my writing goals for 2015: 1. Work on super-secret project (more details to come in 2015, I hope!)1a. Polish short story for super-secret project. Already written, but for some reason I just cannot get this thing edited! I really need to work… Continue Reading “Writing Goals for 2015”

To Be Creative, Don’t Hoard Ideas

Sometimes I meet or hear about a writer who thinks ideas are a rare, precious resource. These writers hoard ideas like a squirrel hoards nuts, locking them away no one can ever see them. They’re frightened to share their ideas with others lest they… Continue Reading “To Be Creative, Don’t Hoard Ideas”

The Importance of Writing Groups Redux

I’ve written in the past about the importance for a writer of being in a writers group.  In those posts, I mentioned four reasons to join a writers group: 1) Reading out loud in front of a group makes you try harder when you’re… Continue Reading “The Importance of Writing Groups Redux”

What I’m Reading: How to Write a Damn Good Novel

Like most of these how-to books, James N. Frey’s How to Write a Damn Good Novel has some good advice and some truly god-awful advice.  The thing is, I bet a lot of writers who read this book say the same thing, only we’re talking… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: How to Write a Damn Good Novel”

What I’m Reading: A Journey to Self-Publishing

A Journey to Self-Publishing is another one by a member of the Writers of Chantilly.  The author here is Kalyani Kurup, who gives us a brief (five chapters) but charming memoir of her experiences as a writer and her misadventures in the publishing world in India… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: A Journey to Self-Publishing”

What Is Lost

An essay, or perhaps a sermon, about writing.

Again With the Importance of Writing Groups

So I was on vacation last week, and the week before that was just crazy, and maybe the week before that I’d been kind of lazy.  But for whatever reason, I hadn’t written in my WiP for three weeks.  I was really dreading getting… Continue Reading “Again With the Importance of Writing Groups”

How Often Should You Write?

So after a week-long vacation, and several extremely busy days after getting back, I’ve finally returned to writing on a daily basis this week.  The first couple days were tough, but now the words are flowing.  I’m struck again, as I have been in the past, how important… Continue Reading “How Often Should You Write?”