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What I’m Reading: This Is Not a Love Scene

What a treat, a book by my fellow Writers of Chantilly writer, S.C. Megale! This Is Not a Love Scene is Megale’s first published novel, although she’s well known at the writer’s group table for a number of books she’s read to us over… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: This Is Not a Love Scene”

What I’m Reading: Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series

Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series is one of the books my son is reading for his Battle of the Books team at school. (I recently read Re-Start, another of the books he’s reading for BoB.) I can see why Virginia picked this one for… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series”

What I’m Reading: Re-Start

Re-Start, by Gordon Korman, is the second book by this author I’ve reviewed on this site. The first, Ungifted, I gave a fairly positive review to¬†here. I like the author fine, but I’m not trying to follow him or anything–this is one of the… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Re-Start”

What I’m Reading: Full of Beans

Beans lives in Key West, Florida, during the Depression, where every kid and adult seems to have a nickname. In fact, that’s about all they have, because the Depression has hit Key West hard, and there are no jobs or money available. The cigar-rolling… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Full of Beans”

What I’m Reading: Wild Bird

Wild Bird, by Wendelin Van Draanen, tells the story of Wren, a 14-year old from a good family who is addicted to alcohol and marijuana and runs drugs for a 12th-grader she wants to be her boyfriend. Her parents, fed up and finding Wren… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Wild Bird”

What I’m Reading: Sachiko

Sachiko¬†is the story of Sashiko Yasui, who was a five-year old living in Nagasaki in 1945 when the atomic bomb exploded only three-quarters of a mile from her house.That one moment became the defining event of her life, as the blast took her family… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: Sachiko”

What I’m Reading: The Friendship Experiment

I guess The Friendship Experiment, by Erin Teagan, is actually a middle grade novel, rather than a YA, as I have it tagged on this post. Maybe I need to create a separate middle grade tag, as I may be reading a lot more… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: The Friendship Experiment”

What I’m Reading: The Seventh Most Important Thing

Arthur, age 13, lives in Washington, DC, in 1963. When he picks up a brick and throws it at a black homeless man people call the Junk Man, everyone assumes it’s racially motivated violence, and the judge is prepared to send him away to… Continue Reading “What I’m Reading: The Seventh Most Important Thing”