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Scary Movies: White Zombie

The movie this time out is White Zombie from 1932. It’s said to be the first zombie movie and stars Bela Lugosi as Murder Legendre, an evil sugar mill owner who uses zombies as slave labor in his mill. The female lead, Madeleine, is… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: White Zombie”

Scary Movies: Return of the Vampire

As usual, we have a bit of a horror movie overhang now in November, with a couple movie reviews I still need to wrap up. The movie this time is 1943’s Return of the Vampire, starring Bela Lugosi. After an unpromising start, it turned… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Return of the Vampire”

Scary Movies: Dracula

October already! And as every October, I force my children to watch scary movies with me. This year, the theme is vampires, and our first movie is Dracula, released by Universal in 1931. I hardly feel like I need to describe this one, as… Continue Reading “Scary Movies: Dracula”